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The Sleep & Cradle®️ Team

Javon (1)

Director of Nursing/Sleep Team

Hi there! I’m Javon.

Javon is an Obstetric Registered Nurse at Loyola Medical Center JolietIllinois, United StatesEMT-B, and Newborn Care Specialist Instructor/Trainer at Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions. Javon currently works as a resident perinatal Registered Nurse and a Director of Nursing/Sleep Team at Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions and has been with the company for 3 years. Javon is eager to work with expectant and new moms, compassionate in her care, and replicating her knowledge and expertise with mothers and prospective Newborn Care Specialists.

Javon McAllister, BSN, RN, NREMT-B, NCS

Bilingual Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I’m Gabriela.

Gabriela Herrera is a Member of the Sleep Team and a  Bilingual Sleep Consultant with Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from Keiser University,  health administration from the Universita of Barcelona and a master’s degree in social development from Pontifical University in Ecuador. She id passionate about helping parents go through raising children as smoothly as possible. Sleep deprivation is a big issue with babies and parents, and those habits will remain forever. She has seven years of experience in hospital and health care facility management. Gabriela’s commitment to quality services and safety are her most valuable assets. Gabriela is bilingual and a mother to a lovely 15-year-old teenager.

Director of Research/Sleep Team

Hi there! I’m Dr. Ashin

Dr. Ashin is a Medical doctor and Director of Research Expert/Sleep Team at  Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions. She is a first-year resident in pediatrics; She is also undergoing a Master’s in Public Health in anticipation of closing the gap between medicine and public health.

Ashin has studied international medicine and is familiar with the different traditional aspects that underlie how to treat children. She is also on the Board of a team of health professionals that spread public health awareness in the Middle East and raised funds to ensure that children have the necessary medications that their families would otherwise not be able to acquire.

The Mission and Vision at Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions are close to her heart as she is devoted to teaching and helping new parents ease into the transition phase of having their beautiful babies adapt to their new environment while impacting positive habit formation from inception

As a Certified Peer Educator, she decided to expand her sleep knowledge in neonates and infants with her passion for pediatrics to guide this beautiful time in your life as a new parent.

Sleep/Research Team

Hello! I’m Chaitali. 

Chaitali is a member of the Sleep/Research Team at  Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions and a Medical Student pursuing her MBBS from the College of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital, Kolkata, in India. She is also the Author of two books. 

She is dedicated, passionate, and a results-oriented individual. Her strengths include her empathy, interactive skills,  soft skills, and penmanship. 

Through her writing, she is enthusiastic about educating and empowering new parents and people and has exuded this passion with her audience. She is professional and passionate about improving the quality of life of pregnant women, new parents, and people through education.

She has worked with the South Asian Medical Students’ Association as their Secretary of Academics and was the Vice President of Internal Affairs at the Global Association of Indian Medical Students. Both are organizations intending to make an impact by empowering people with the correct knowledge and skills.

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I’m Dr. Cynthia.

Dr. Cynthia is the Founder of Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, a Medical Doctor, certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and Newborn Care SpecialistShe is currently sitting the United States Medical Licensing Exams to begin her residency in pediatrics; with a particular interest in sleep medicine.

She is passionate about working with children and on a mission to help parents and babies sleep well while impacting positive habit formation from inception and helping families whose babies have developed sleep problems unlearn this behavior while establishing positive sleeping habits. 

Cynthia is also enthusiastic about educating and replicating herself in people via training and has trained professionals to exude the same professionalism as she does in knowledge and ethics.

She has over a decade of work experience with children 0-5 years of age, including working for the World Health Organization, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, and Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital as a medical doctor in Nigeria.

She has been involved in various medical projects, including her elective posting in Manguzi Hospital-Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, as a health business strategist with Folabell Concept and volunteering for Black Girls Ignite Africa Inc and Starlite hope Initiative. Both are Non-Governmental Organizations.

She is articulate, result-oriented, and a hardworking visionary entrepreneur passionate about providing premium service to her clients and the healthcare sector.

She comes highly recommended by organizations she has worked with and all clients who have hired her service.

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