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Privacy Policy

Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, a Florida limited liability company (“the Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), prioritizes your privacy and the safeguarding of your personal information when you interact with our website or engage with our services. This privacy policy outlines our approach to handling user data collected during your interactions with our website and services. Your use of our website and services signifies your acceptance of the practices described in this privacy policy. We may occasionally update this policy, so we encourage you to review it periodically to stay informed about how we protect your information. If you disagree with any aspect of this privacy policy, please refrain from using our website or providing us with personal information.

Permitted User Access

Our website is designed for and targeted to individuals 18 years of age or older. We conscientiously avoid collecting or utilizing personal data from users who, to our knowledge, are under 18. In instances where personal information about a minor (under 18) is gathered, it is only done so with the explicit consent and provision of a parent or legal guardian of the minor.

Our Privacy Assurance: Safeguarding Your Data

Safeguarding Your Personal Information: At Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, we prioritize the privacy and security of your data. We firmly commit to not selling, trading, sharing, or otherwise transferring your personally identifiable information to external parties without your consent.

Collection and Use of Personal Data: We gather personal information exclusively as you provide for specific purposes such as using our website, purchasing our services, subscribing to newsletters, completing forms, participating in surveys, or other activities where you willingly offer such information. This data is crucial for us to deliver our services effectively. Should you opt not to provide necessary personal data, it may limit our ability to serve you fully.

Integrity and Updating of Personal Information: When you provide us with your data, we expect it to be accurate, complete, and current. We would appreciate it if you let us know of any changes to ensure we have the most up-to-date information.

Circumstances of Disclosing Personal Information: We disclose your personal information to third parties only under specific circumstances:

  1. To communicate with you or complete authorized transactions, including sharing information with authorized data processors or mailing services.
  2. For operational purposes, such as website maintenance or addressing technical issues.
  3. To verify account details with financial institutions, credit agencies, or other relevant third parties.
  4. To our affiliates or business partners for legitimate business purposes.
  5. In cases of company restructuring, such as mergers or acquisitions.
  6. For legal compliance, fraud prevention, or safety reasons.

Non-Retention of Data for Single Transactions: We only retain personal data for a short time, particularly for single transactions that do not require ongoing data retention.

Legal and Safety Obligations: We may disclose your personal information without prior consent in specific scenarios for legal compliance, to respond to lawful requests, to protect our legal rights, or to address emergencies that pose a threat to physical safety or as stipulated by law.

Credit Card Information Security: For transactions requiring credit card information, we employ a third-party payment processor to ensure secure handling of your card details. We do not have access to or store your credit card information. We advise reviewing the payment processor’s privacy policy for their handling of your credit card data.

Responsibility for Third-Party Privacy Practices: This policy does not extend to handling your personal data by third parties to whom you might disclose information. We would recommend that you review their privacy policies to understand their practices.

This policy is designed to maintain transparency and trust regarding handling your personal information at Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, ensuring a secure and respectful use of your data.

Collecting Non-Personal Information on Our Website

Overview of Non-Personal Data Collection: Our website automatically gathers certain types of non-personal information from every visitor. This includes details like the pages you visit, the date and time of your visit, and the type of browser used. While we track the domain type and, in some instances, the geographic region of our visitors, we do not retain IP addresses. This data is used purely for analytical purposes and does not link back to your identity.

Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies: To enhance and personalize your experience on our website, we employ “cookies” and related technologies. Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive by our website server. They are uniquely tied to your user account but do not contain any personal information. These cookies are read only by our server and help us recognize your browser during your visits to our website.

Our cookies are designed to respect your privacy and security. They enable us to collect valuable data that helps us improve your experience on our website. This may include information on website navigation, user preferences, and other anonymous data. Please note that if you decide to disable cookies, you might not be able to access or enjoy all the features of our website fully.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy: We want to assure you that the non-personal information we collect is used solely to improve our website’s functionality and your overall experience. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to using this information responsibly and ethically.

Safeguarding Your Information on Our Website 

Storage and Accessibility of Your Information: The personal information you provide through our website is securely stored within the United States and is not accessible to the public. This storage is essential for delivering our services to you. It’s important to note that for operational purposes, your information may be transferred to facilities outside the United States. Rest assured, any transfer of data will strictly adhere to the principles and safeguards outlined in this privacy policy.

Commitment to Data Security: In our effort to safeguard your personal information against unauthorized access, inaccuracy, and improper use, we have implemented a variety of security measures. These measures are designed to protect your information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized alterations. We employ industry-standard encryption technologies for sensitive data, adding an extra layer of protection.

Despite our rigorous security protocols, no system is completely impenetrable. While we strive to protect the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee absolute security against external breaches or cyber attacks. In the unlikely event of such breaches, we are not liable for the actions of third parties who might access or obtain personal information.

User Responsibilities and Website Integrity: As a user of our website, you play a crucial role in maintaining its security. Any attempts to breach or disrupt the security of our website are strictly prohibited. We trust that you will respect and contribute to the safe and secure environment of our website.

Disclaimer of Guarantees: While we take pride in our security measures, we cannot unequivocally guarantee the absolute security or integrity of our website and the information stored within. We expressly disclaim any warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the complete security of your personal information.

Navigating to External Websites Through Our Links

External Links Disclaimer: Our website offers links to various external websites for your convenience and information. It’s important to be aware that by following these links, you will be directed to a different website. These external websites are independent, and their presence on our site does not signify our endorsement of their content.

Privacy Practices of Linked Websites: We understand the importance of privacy and encourage you to review the privacy policies of any websites you access through our links. Keep in mind that these external sites may have privacy practices that differ from those of our website.

Liability for External Content: Please be aware that we do not bear responsibility for the content or materials available on any external websites linked from our site. These links are provided solely for your convenience and are accessed at your own risk.

Managing Your Email Communication Preferences With Us

Changing Your Email Communication Consent: If you’ve previously opted in to receive our email communications but later decide you no longer wish to receive them, you have the option to opt out. Simply contact us at the provided email address to request removal from our email distribution lists.

Agreement to Receive Communications in Certain Programs: When you agree to participate in specific programs or offerings we provide, it generally includes consent to receive related communications from us. This may cover updates about other programs or special offers we think might interest you.

Implicit Consent through Information Provision: In situations where you provide your personal information and email address without an explicit opt-in mechanism, it is understood that you agree to receive future communications from us. This consent is assumed based on the information you voluntarily provide.

Opting Out of Future Communications: You maintain control over receiving future communications from us. If at any point you decide you no longer wish to receive these communications, you can either contact us directly or use the unsubscribe link provided in our emails. It’s your responsibility to inform us of your preference to opt out.

How to Manage Your Personal Data with Us

Your Rights Over Your Personal Data: You have several options regarding the management and control of your personal data in our records. Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to:

  1. Have your personal data erased or removed from our records.
  2. Instruct our service providers to eliminate your personal information from their records, where applicable.
  3. Amend or correct any of your personal data.
  4. Express objections to, or seek limitations on, the use of your personal data.
  5. Gain access to and receive a copy of any personal data you have provided us.
  6. Make specific inquiries or requests concerning the personal data we collect and the reasons behind its collection.

Contacting Us for Data Requests: For any of the above requests, or for more information about your personal data, please contact us either via email at or through our online contact form. We are committed to addressing and fulfilling your requests. Following verification of your request, we aim to respond and comply, free of charge, within a 45-day period.

Legal Framework Governing Website Use 

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction: The use of this website is subject to the laws of the United States and specifically to the laws of the State of Florida. This applies regardless of any differing conflict of law principles. When you access our website from locations outside the United States, where data protection laws may vary, your agreement to use this website implies your consent to transfer your personal information to the United States. You thereby agree to the application of United States and Florida state laws in matters concerning the use of this website, as well as any disputes that might arise from this privacy policy.

Jurisdiction and Compliance: By using this website, you also consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in Miami-Dade County, Florida, for any legal matters or disputes related to our website.

Validity of Privacy Policy Provisions: In the event that any clause within this privacy policy is deemed unenforceable or in conflict with the laws of a competent jurisdiction, the remaining sections of this privacy policy will continue to be effective and enforceable.

Our Approach to ‘Do Not Track Signals’

DNT Signal Acknowledgement: Please be aware that Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, does not engage with or respond to ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) signals. As DNT signals are a preference set in some web browsers to inform websites that you do not wish to be tracked, it’s important to note that their implementation and adherence can vary across different sites and services.

Third-Party Tracking Disclosure: While navigating our website, be advised that certain third-party sites might track your browsing activities. The ability to enable DNT signals is available in various web browsers, sending a request to websites not to track your online activities.

Contact Us for Privacy Concerns: Should you have any questions, queries, or concerns regarding our privacy policy, or if you seek more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can be contacted at via email. We are committed to addressing your concerns and providing the necessary information regarding your privacy and data security.

How To Exercise Your Privacy Rights

Contacting Us for Your Privacy Requests: To initiate any of the rights outlined above or as detailed in our California Consumer Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact us via email at or by calling us at (347)-443-3150.

Verification Process for Your Requests: To validate your identity when you make a request, we require certain basic information from you. This typically includes your name, zip code, and an email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided address to further authenticate the request. It’s important to note that these requests can only be made by you or an individual who is legally authorized to act on your behalf, who must also provide written authorization. Parents or guardians may also make requests on behalf of their minor children.

No Need for an Account to Make Requests: Creating an account with us is not a prerequisite for making a verifiable consumer request. However, you will need to provide sufficient information, either via email or phone, to enable us to verify your identity and locate your personal information within our systems.

Limitations on Requests: You are entitled to make a request regarding your personal data up to twice in a 12-month period. Please note that if we are unable to confirm your identity or the authority of the request, we may not be able to fulfill your request or provide the personal information you seek.

Use of Information in Processing Requests: The personal information you provide in making a verifiable consumer request will be used exclusively for the purposes of verifying your identity or authority, processing your request, and maintaining necessary records of the interaction.

California Consumers Privacy Act Policy Details.

Beyond the general privacy practices outlined previously, we have specific policies in place that cater to the privacy rights of California consumers.

Types of Information We Collect from Our Users

Collection and Types of Information: In providing our services, we gather various kinds of data, both from the information you directly provide us and from your engagement with our services. The categories of information we collect are as follows:

Identifiable Personal Information: This category includes data that is directly linked to identifying a specific individual. Such Personal Information encompasses:

  1. Contact details like email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers.
  2. Demographic information, which includes your gender, date of birth, and zip code.
  3. Information pertaining to your minor child, if applicable, such as their name, birthdate, and general information about their sleep patterns, eating habits, developmental milestones, and any other sleep or behavior-related concerns.
  4. Selected Usage Data, like your IP address, which may be considered as part of Personal Information.

Sensitive Personal Information: Information that pertains to personal health or financial matters is treated as Sensitive and is governed under more stringent regulations. We advise you to consider carefully before sharing such Sensitive Personal Information with us. By choosing to provide this information, you consent to its processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Non-Identifying Usage Data: This refers to data about an individual’s online activities that do not, on their own, identify the individual. This might include:

  • Technical details such as browser type, service provider, IP address, operating system, and the webpages you visit.

Though Usage Data typically does not identify an individual by itself, when linked with Personal Information or other data, it might become identifiable. It’s important to note that some Usage Data might be considered Personal Information under certain laws.

Location Information: We also collect data related to the geographical location of your device. This Location Data includes:

  • The location derived from your mobile device or computer using GPS or WiFi signals.
  • The IP address of your device or the internet service used to access our services.

Our Information Collection Methods Based on Your Use of Services 

Diverse Information Collection Based on Service Interaction: The nature and scope of the information we gather are largely contingent on your specific interactions with our services. Different methods and tools are employed in this process, including:

Automated Data Collection: Certain types of data are obtained automatically when you utilize our services. This includes the use of cookies and similar technologies for data collection, which help us understand how you and your child interact with our services.

Direct Information Gathering Methods: We also collect information about you and your child through various direct methods, such as:

  • Filling out online forms on our website.
  • Communications via email or chat platforms.
  • Detailed records and notes from your telephone conversations with our sleep consultants.

Your Privacy Rights Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and How to Exercise Them

Your Right to Information: Under your rights to information, you are entitled to know the specific types of Personal Information we collect about you. To make such an inquiry, you can send a verifiable request to us either by emailing or by calling us at (347)-443-3150.

Disclosure of Personal Information: While we do not engage in the sale of your personal information, you have the right to be informed about any of your personal information that might be shared with third parties. For inquiries regarding this, you can reach us via the same email or phone number.

Right to Request Deletion: In accordance with applicable laws, you have the right to ask for the deletion of your Personal Information that we have collected. Exceptions apply as per statutory guidelines. You can submit your deletion request to

Right to Correct Information: If you believe that any Personal Information we hold about you is inaccurate, you have the right to request a correction. You can initiate this process by a verifiable consumer request through email at or by calling us at the provided phone number.

Non-Discrimination Assurance: We uphold the principle of non-discrimination in response to your exercise of any rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This means you will not receive any discriminatory treatment when you exercise your privacy rights.

Utilizing Your Personal Information: Our Approach.

Primary Use of Personal Data: The Personal Information that you provide to us, along with any additional information we receive from you, is primarily used to enhance the services and products we offer you. This includes sending you emails about new services, products, special offers, or news that we believe may be of interest to you. These may pertain to offerings from Sleep & Cradle®️, our licensed partners, or our carefully chosen commercial affiliates. It’s important to note that we only send you such communications if you have chosen to receive emails from us.

Opting Out and Managing Your Information: If at any point you decide you no longer wish to receive email communications from us, or if you want to update your personal details or have your information removed from our database, please refer to the previously mentioned contact options.

Using Information for Analysis and Improvement: In addition to the above, we utilize the information we gather to analyze website traffic and understand our visitors’ interests, both collectively and individually. This helps us in better understanding your preferences and needs, allowing us to continually refine our products and services. Our goal is to offer content, features, and promotions most aligned with your interests.  

Sharing of Your Personal Information: Our Policies and Practices

Limitations on Information Sharing: Beyond sharing within the Sleep & Cradle®️ group of companies for the objectives stated earlier, and as outlined in this Policy, we are committed to not selling, trading, or indiscriminately transferring your Personal Information or general information to unrelated third parties without prior notification. Our services are often provided in collaboration with various affiliates, service providers, and partners (hereafter referred to as “service partners”). These collaborations may necessitate sharing your Personal Information for the efficient operation of our sites and the provision of our services.

Use of Information by Service Partners: For instance, your information might be shared with partners responsible for website hosting, service execution, or assisting us in data analysis. These service partners are strictly instructed to use your information only to perform the tasks we’ve agreed upon and are required to maintain confidentiality. We aim to ensure our service partners have robust privacy policies. However, please be aware that once your Personal Information is in their possession, it will be governed by their privacy policies, which are beyond our direct control.

Categories of Personal Data We Collect and Retention Policy

Personal Identifiers Collection: We collect various personal identifiers such as your name, postal address, online identifiers, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and email address. The purpose of collecting these identifiers is to effectively provide the services and consultation that you have requested from us. We store this information for an indefinite period, but you have the option to request its modification or deletion.

Details in Customer Records: Key customer record information, including your name, physical address, and telephone number, is also maintained. This data is essential for our records and is kept indefinitely, subject to your right to request its removal or alteration.

Your Internet Activity Data: We track and store data related to your interactions with our website. This includes, but is not limited to, your browsing patterns, page interactions, and other related online behaviors. Like other data types, this information is retained indefinitely unless you specify otherwise.

Sleep & Cradle®️’s Information  Release Practices

Circumstances for Information Release: At Sleep & Cradle®️, there are specific scenarios where we may need to release your personal or general information without obtaining your prior consent. These instances include, but are not limited to, fulfilling security requirements, complying with legal obligations, or preventing imminent danger to any individual or entity. In cases where we receive a legal order, such as a court subpoena, or need to collaborate with a law enforcement investigation—even those that extend beyond the United States—we may disclose necessary information.

Compliance with Law Enforcement: We are committed to lawful cooperation with law enforcement authorities. Should our services be utilized for illegal purposes, we retain the right, under our discretion, to inform law enforcement. Any such decisions to report presumed unlawful activities are made in good faith, based on our judgment.

Decision to Release Information: The determination to release your personal information for security purposes or as outlined in this policy will be made solely at our discretion. By engaging with our services, you expressly authorize us to make these decisions in accordance with this policy.

Updating Your Information: We advise you to keep your contact and personal information up to date. Prompt updates help us serve you better and ensure effective communication.

Contacting Us: Should you have any inquiries or feedback regarding our website or privacy practices, we welcome you to reach out. You can contact us via email at

Adherence to International Data Privacy Standards

Compliance with Privacy Shield Frameworks: In our commitment to maintaining robust data privacy standards, we adhere to both the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks as established by the U.S. Department of Commerce. These frameworks guide our practices concerning the collection, utilization, and preservation of personal data from European Union member countries and Switzerland. We uphold the Privacy Shield Principles, which encompass notice, choice, accountability for onward transfer, security, data integrity and purpose limitation, access, and various mechanisms for enforcement and liability. For more insights into the Privacy Shield program and our certification status, please visit the official websites at Privacy Shield and Privacy Shield List.

Processing of EU Personal Information: Personal data from EU visitors collected via our services is processed in the United States either directly by us or through a designated representative. When you submit personal information through our services, you are consenting to its processing within the United States. Our website and services are based and operated out of the United States. Thus, for users outside the United States, your data may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the U.S. or other locations where our facilities or those of our affiliates and service providers are located.

Data Protection Acknowledgement: It is recognized that the European Commission has not classified the United States as having an equivalent level of data protection to that of the European Union. The data protection and other laws of the United States and other countries may not be as exhaustive as those in your jurisdiction. This means your information could be accessible to U.S. government or law enforcement under lawful orders in these jurisdictions.

Consent to Data Processing and Transfer: By supplying us with your personal data, you are expressly consenting to the storage and processing of your information in the United States, acknowledging that your data will be subject to U.S. laws. This includes the potential access by U.S. government, courts, law enforcement, or regulatory bodies to your personal information. Your use of our website and services, and the provision of personal data to us, also implies your consent to the transference, storage, and processing of your information as detailed in this Privacy Policy. Irrespective of where your personal information is processed or stored, we are committed to protecting its privacy and security in line with the stipulations of this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Guideline for EU and UK Residents

Beyond the overarching Privacy Policy outlined previously, we have specific guidelines pertaining to the privacy of EU and UK residents who interact with our website or utilize the services offered by our Company. Within this context, the terms ‘data’ and ‘information’ are synonymous and are used interchangeably throughout our policy documentation.

Role of Data Controller 

Sleep & Cradle®️ serves as the data controller for any personal information you supply, or that is gathered or processed in relation to your interaction with our website.

Certain Rights for Residents of the EEA and UK Regarding Data Protection

As a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom, you are afforded specific rights concerning data protection. Our processing of your personal data is dependent on your usage of our Website and is guided by the following legal bases: (1) based on the consent you provide; and (2) as essential for our legitimate interests, which include delivering our services to you, improving our web offerings, performing analytics, and providing targeted advertising.

Categorization and Collection of Personal Data at Our Company

The nature of the personal data collected by our Company is influenced by your chosen methods of interaction with us. This includes data that you voluntarily provide for various purposes such as using our website, purchasing services, subscribing to newsletters, completing forms, participating in surveys, or through direct communications via email, phone, forms, instant messaging, or chats on our website. The specific intent for the collection of your personal data will always be made clear at the point of provision.

Such personal data encompasses your first and last name, email address, IP address, telephone numbers, and, if applicable, details regarding your child, such as their name, birthdate, and anecdotal details about their sleep patterns, eating habits, growth, developmental milestones, and any other concerns you have about your child’s sleep and behavior. It also includes information about the products and services you have ordered from us.

Additionally, we collect anonymous information from every visitor to our website. This information includes, but is not limited to, pages viewed, date and time of visit, browser type, and IP addresses. While we use IP addresses to discern domain type and occasionally geographic region, these are not permanently stored and are not linked to your personal identity.

Sources and Methods of Data Collection at Our Company

The majority of the data we collect comes directly from you. We gather and process your data in the following situations:

  1. When you interact with our website, such as by registering, placing orders for products or services, sending us emails, filling out forms available on our website or those sent electronically, and during telephone conversations with our team;
  2. Whenever you voluntarily participate in our customer surveys, post on our message boards, or share information with us through email or phone interactions;
  3. As a result of your usage of our website, data is also collected through the cookies employed by your web browser.

Utilization of Cookies and Similar Technologies on Our Website

Our website employs “cookies” and analogous tools to gather statistical data, which includes standard internet logs and details of visitor behaviors. We leverage cookies in various ways to enhance your experience on our site, such as maintaining your login status, remembering your preferences (like your chosen language or location), and gaining insights into your interactions with our website.

A cookie is a minor text file placed on your computer’s hard drive by a web page server. During your visits, we may automatically collect information through cookies or similar technologies. These cookies are specific to your account and can only be read by the server in the domain that issued them to you.

The purpose of using cookies is to recognize your browser as you navigate different pages on our site. The cookies generated by our website on your computer do not hold personally identifiable information, thus safeguarding your privacy and security. They enable the collection of anonymous data. Should you decide to decline cookies, be aware that you might not have full access to all the features of our website. To learn more about cookies, you can visit

For advertising purposes, our Company uses cookies to track information like your visits to our website, the content you engaged with, the links you followed, and data about your browser, device, and IP address. We occasionally share some of this information with third parties for advertising. Additionally, the data collected through cookies may be shared with our advertising partners, meaning you could encounter advertising tailored to your browsing patterns on our website when you visit other sites.

Cookies Management

You can configure your browser to reject cookies, and guidance on how to do so can be found on the aforementioned website. Please be aware, though, that if you choose not to accept or remove cookies, this may impact the functionality of certain features on our website.

Methods and Purposes of Processing and Utilizing Your Data

Our Company is committed to processing and utilizing your data only when there is a lawful basis for doing so.

The primary reasons we collect your data include:

  1. To facilitate the processing of your orders and the management of your account.
  2. To send you promotional emails about other products and services we believe may be of interest to you.
  3. To provide you with the baby sleep support services that you request.

With your consent, we may share your data with our affiliated partners, enabling them to offer you their products and services.

In the process of fulfilling your orders, Our Company may transmit your data to credit reference agencies for the purpose of conducting fraud prevention checks, and we may also utilize the information obtained from these agencies.

Sleep & Cradle®️’s Data and Security Measures

Data Retention Policy: We retain your data for an indefinite period unless you specifically request its deletion. This retention is essential to provide you with our services effectively.

Data Storage and Transfer: The data you provide through our website is stored in systems located within the United States, which are not accessible to the public. To fulfill our service commitments to you, your information may be transferred to facilities outside of the United States. Rest assured, such transfers are carried out strictly for the purposes stated in this privacy policy and adhere to our stringent data security protocols.

Safeguarding Your Information: To prevent unauthorized access and ensure the accuracy and proper usage of information, we implement reasonable precautions and robust security measures. These measures are designed to protect your data from loss, misuse, or alteration. We employ industry-standard encryption technologies, particularly for sensitive data, to heighten security.

While we strive to maintain the integrity and security of our network and systems, it is impossible to fully guarantee that these measures will prevent all unauthorized access by third parties, such as hackers. Consequently, we cannot be held liable for any breaches of security or the actions of third parties who might access or acquire personal information.

User Responsibilities: It is prohibited for any user to breach or attempt to breach the security mechanisms of our website or to interfere in any way with its operations. Additionally, we must clarify that we do not offer any guarantees, whether expressed or implied, concerning the absolute security or integrity of the website and your personal information.

Our Company’s Interest in Sharing Relevant Offers With You

We are eager to keep you informed about our products and services that could be of interest to you.

Should you choose to receive marketing communications from us, remember that you have the flexibility to opt out at any time.

You possess the right to request that Our Company cease sending you marketing materials at any stage.

In case you decide that you no longer want to receive marketing communications, please feel free to reach out to us. You can withdraw your consent by emailing us at or by calling us at (347)-443-3150.

Our Commitment to Your Data Protection Rights

At Sleep & Cradle®️, we prioritize your awareness and understanding of your data protection rights. As a user of our website, you are entitled to the following rights:

Right to Access: You can request copies of your personal data from our Company. Please note that there may be a nominal fee for this service.

Right to Rectification: If you find any personal data that we hold about you to be inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected. You also can request the completion of any data you believe is incomplete.

Right to Erasure: Under specific conditions, you have the right to ask Our Company to delete your personal data.

Right to Restrict Processing: You have the option to request a limitation on the processing of your personal data, subject to certain conditions.

Right to Object to Processing: You are entitled to oppose the processing of your personal data by Our Company, again under certain conditions.

Right to Data Portability: You have the right to request that Our Company transfer your data to another organization or directly to you, where it is technically feasible and under certain conditions.

We commit to responding to your requests regarding these rights within one month. Should you wish to exercise any of these rights, please feel free to reach out to us at or via our contact form.

Our Company’s Website and External Links

Please be aware that our website includes links to external websites. It’s important to note that our privacy policy is applicable solely to our own website. Thus, if you follow a link to a different website, we recommend that you review their privacy policy to understand how they manage your data.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

Our Company routinely evaluates and updates our privacy policy, with any changes being promptly posted on this webpage.

Contacting Us: Methods and Information

For inquiries regarding Our Company’s privacy policy, information we maintain about you, or to exercise your data protection rights, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at or through our online contact form.

Contacting the Relevant Regulatory Authority

If you have a complaint or feel that Our Company has not adequately resolved your concerns:

For EU residents: You may reach out to the data protection office in your state. You can find a comprehensive list of these offices on The European Data Protection Board’s website at EDPB Member List.

For UK residents: You are advised to contact The UK Information Commissioner through their website at ICO or by phone at 0303 123 1113.

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