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About Us

About Us

Nurturing Dreams and Restoring Sleep.

About Sleep & Cradle®️ 

Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions is a Professional Sleep Consultancy for newborns, infants, and Toddlers. Experts in Baby Sleep Training, Pregnancy and Postpartum Support through Education and a Newborn Care Specialist/Baby Nurse provider. We find satisfaction in helping parents and guardians impact positive habit formation from day one and understanding the best methods to help their babies get the proper quality and quantity of sleep.

We passionately support parents and guardians in understanding how to respond to their little ones to establish a safe sleep environment and positive sleep habits, helping them understand the fundamental differences between newborn sleep, adult sleep, and pediatric sleep cycles. We will help you learn how to meander around this strange but beautiful world and equip you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to impact positive sleep habits. For sleep-deprived parents, we will show you how to establish a healthy sleep schedule for you and your baby.

Our in-home service allows us to do all the heavy lifting while allowing you and your baby to observe GOOD SLEEP.

We offer various services, including On-demand Childbirth Preparation Classes, Baby Care Basics Classes, Baby Sleep Strategies Classes, Breastfeeding/Formula Feeding Classes, Transitioning to Solid Foods Classes, and our Baby Sleep Training Masterclasses. Our in-home service includes newborn care specialists and pediatric sleep consultation services.

Our unique approach to sleep training is centered around an in-depth observation of behavioral patterns, providing an informed analytical approach to preventing and addressing a child’s sleep problems. The variety of services we provide and the excellent results we achieve offer parents and guardians functional sleep solutions.

Our team of experts has attained the highest educational qualifications, passionately replicating their expertise in our team of certified Newborn Care Specialists. We provide seasoned newborn care specialists with clean backgrounds and drug checks and are CPR- and first-aid-certified.

We offer a Concierge service to parents who hire our Newborn Care Specialists, as families have direct access to our sleep experts based on their availability at no extra cost. Our sleep experts work with the designated Newborn Specialists as a team to ensure that we impart positive habit formation from day one. No Placement Fees, Just Premium Services.

The unique value proposition of our services includes getting your child on a tailored sleep schedule. Our transparency and information-sharing ethos are essential to help you make educated decisions about the people caring for your most precious household member. 

Meet The Founder

Dr. Cynthia founded Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions as she identified a dire need to provide valued service to new parents postpartum as most parents were chronically SLEEP DEPRIVED.

She realised that parents were paying for services and not getting value for the services as several families hired her to sleep train their babies after they had hired a childcare provider.

Sleep & Cradle®️ was born to help parents and babies sleep well postpartum preventing or minimizing chronic sleep deprivation in other to improve their quality of life. We provide holistic infant sleep training and are passionately equipping parents and childcare professionals with the tools, knowledge and skills, and doing all the heavy lifting for parents during the transition phase with the value proposition of impacting positive sleep habit  from DAY ONE.  This gave the founder a sense of purpose and fulfilment to bridge this gap that is not addressed in the health sector.

The founder also resolved to train individuals and childcare providers passionate about working with infants to become certified professionals in skills, knowledge, and ethics.

Professional Features

Professional Pediatric Sleep Consultants and Newborn Care Specialist Services

Team Members

Meet our experts

Javon McAllister

Newborn Care Specialist/Instructor

Gabriela Herrera

Sleep Team/Spanish Instructor

Dr. Ashin

Sleep Expert/Instructor


Sleep/Research Team


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