The Best Overnight Newborn Care Service Near You (Remote Options Too!)


You just brought your beautiful new baby home from the hospital, and now you’re faced with the daunting task of caring for a newborn around the clock. If you’re like most new parents, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed (to say the least!).

The good news is that there are experienced professionals who can help ease the burden of those long nights and early mornings. Newborn care specialists (NCSs) are trained in all things baby, from sleep support to breastfeeding support to basic care.

There are a few different options when it comes to finding an NCS, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs:

-Hire an in-home NCS: This is a great option if you’re looking for one-on-one support and want someone to be there day and night.

-Use a remote Concierge service: These services connect you with an experienced NCS who can  provide support in-home and a Sleep expert who will provide guidance via phone or video chat.

At Sleep & Cradle®️, we provide families looking for support with trusted newborn care specialists. These  individuals are certified with a specific skill set, extensive experience, and knowledge to care for newborn babies and infants. They are usually hired by parents postpartum to help during the transition phase for the first couple of months and work 24 hours shifts or exclusively at night based on the parent’s preference.

Night nurse, Baby nurse, Night nanny and, Newborn Care specialists are terms that are used interchangeably; parents usually seek the services of these individuals to help them take care of their baby postpartum.

Looking for an Overnight Newborn Care Service?

24/7 Support, Live-In, and Overnight  Services

Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions provides Newborn Care Specialist services, and trains seasoned Newborn Care Specialists to provide exceptional support to parents postpartum.

Although the postpartum period can be exhausting for new parents, you do not have to do it all by yourself; we are happy to step in and do all the heavy lifting, allowing you the time to recover from the physiological stress caused by pregnancy while your baby is cared for by a by a seasoned expert. Resulting in a happy baby and well-rested mother!

Our Newborn Care Specialists are professionals trained in knowledge and delivery with extensive years of experience; we provide 24-hour and 12-hour shift.

No placement fee is charged, just premium services offered.

Overnight Newborn Care Specialist

Overnight care for your newborn, including feeding, documentation of daily activities, establishing a bedtime routine, and help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding amongst other responsibilities of a Newborn Care Specialist. Our sleep experts will work with our NCS providing our concierge service at no extra cost to you to help you get good sleep and get your baby on a tailored sleep schedule.

Remote Sleep Training

The revolutionary service includes a comprehensive plan that helps parents work with their infant to sleep better and longer, as well as unlimited e-mail and text support from a sleep expert.

24-7 Live-In Newborn Care

Available 24/7, our live-in newborn care specialists can help with, establishing a bed time routine, documentation of daily activities, tummy time observation, diaper changes, and baby care as needed. Our sleep experts will work with our NCS providing our concierge service at no extra cost to you to  help you get the much needed sleep and get your baby on a tailored sleep schedule.

“We only provide seasoned Newborn Care Specialists that exude the same level of professionalism we represent. We will do all of the heavy lifting for you.”

Dr. Cynthia Unuigbe, MD

Founder, Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions


What is overnight newborn care?


Overnight newborn care is provided by a Newborn Care Specialist (AKA a Baby Nurse, Overnight Nanny, Maternity Nurse, R/N.)

  • Overnight newborn care services give you peace of mind by providing a night nurse or nanny to care for your baby and give you the sleep you deserve.
  • You will also have the opportunity to learn about infant care through a skilled baby provider.
  • The provider is responsible for feeding, burping, changing diapers, and getting your baby back to sleep. In addition, your provider will help with the baby’s laundry and wash bottles. If breastfeeding, your provider will bring your baby to you when it is time to nurse.
  • Hours typically scheduled for overnight newborn care are 7 pm-7 am or 6 pm-6 am. There is a (12) twelve-hour minimum to schedule these services, and and a minimum of 30 nights required
  • Overnight newborn care provided by a newborn care specialist is more specialized and intensive than overnight nanny care.
  • Night nurses are specialists that also provide care to parents in this capacity but with a nursing degree.
  • Our Newborn care specialists have been taught our methods of impacting positive habit formation from inception, are more experienced with managing sleep schedules and can provide more guidance to new parents than an overnight nanny.
  • An overnight newborn care specialist will be better equipped to handle normal newborn habits and provide support to a family.
  • An overnight nanny is typically less expensive than a night newborn care specialist, but both options may not provide the same level of care.


What are the benefits of using an overnight newborn care service?


1. 24-hour care for newborns

24-hour care for newborns is important in order to ensure that their basic needs, such as sleeping, eating, and being comforted, are met. Newborns require constant attention and care due to the fact that they cannot yet communicate verbally or independently regulate their body temperature. Overnight newborn care services provide parents with peace of mind by offering comprehensive support from experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about infant development, safety, and nutrition. Extended hours of care ensure that babies remain healthy and happy while they adjust to life with their new family.

2. Develop healthy sleeping habits for newborns

It is important for newborns to develop healthy sleeping habits as lack of sleep can be dangerous to their health. Poor sleep can lead to developmental delays, behavioral problems, and a weakened immune system. By hiring an experienced newborn care specialist, parents can ensure their baby is getting the necessary rest they need for optimal development and health. Having someone specifically trained in infant care provides additional support and peace of mind that your child’s needs are being met while you get the rest you need too. Both in-person and remote options are available so you can find the right fit for your family’s needs.

3. Establish a bond between parents and newborns

It is important for parents to bond with their newborns in order to provide a strong foundation for the child’s healthy development. Bonding allows parents and their infant to form an emotional connection, which can involve activities such as holding, cuddling, or talking about the baby’s birth. This helps establish a trusting relationship between parent and child that can last throughout life. In addition, bonding helps raise awareness of health and safety issues that are specific to newborns.

4. Minimize stress for both parents and newborns

An overnight newborn care service helps to minimize stress for both parents and newborns by providing an experienced postpartum specialist who will arrive in the evening and stay until morning, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience. This service ensures that the parents get adequate rest while allowing them to focus on giving their newborn the best possible care. Additionally, it provides nutritional support for both parent and baby so that everyone can be at their best during the day.

5. Ensure that newborns receive the necessary nutrition and care

The benefits of using an overnight newborn care service are numerous for parents. With these services, parents can get a good night’s sleep without the stress of caring for a newborn baby. They can also learn more about infant care and meet other new parents in their community. Additionally, our overnight newborn care services can be used until the baby is sleeping through the night. Finally, this type of service helps to reduce stress levels while providing quality care when needed most; during those first few months at home with a new baby.

6. Provide extra support and assistance for first-time parents

An overnight newborn care service is beneficial for first-time parents because it provides extra support and guidance to help them adjust to their new roles as parents. The service offers expert advice on a range of topics, such as breastfeeding, safe sleep, bathing, and feeding. This can be especially helpful for parents who may not have the time or resources to provide these services themselves. Furthermore, an overnight newborn care service can provide peace of mind for both the baby and the new parents by ensuring that they are well taken care of during the night.

7. Increase the chances of breastfeeding success

Using an overnight newborn care service increases the chances of breastfeeding success by providing a bottle to the baby that monitors intake and stretches feedings throughout the night. It also helps keep parents from being unnecessarily disturbed during the night, as they are only woken when their baby is actually hungry. Additionally, this service reduces the amount of time a mother is separated from her baby, creating an exclusive breastfeeding relationship.

8. Allow parents to get more rest and reduce fatigue

Reducing fatigue is one of the benefits of using an overnight newborn care service because it can lead to better sleep and improved alertness for new mothers. With a specialized nurse available at all times, parents can relax knowing their baby is in safe hands, allowing them to take a much-needed break from the bedtime and feeding duties that come with having a newborn. This service also reduces the need for family members to stay up all night, which can lessen overall stress levels from the effects of sleep deprivation.

9. Create a secure and comforting environment for newborns

Creating a secure and comforting environment for newborns is important because it can help them develop a healthy neurological foundation. This environment helps babies adjust to their new surroundings and provides comfort that is essential for their development. It can also provide parents with much-needed rest, as having a schedule tailored to individual needs can be beneficial for both the baby and the parents.

10. Offer peace of mind for families

Overnight newborn care services offer peace of mind for families by providing 24-hour coverage and assurance that their baby will be well-cared for. The service also provides compassionate care, professionalism, and dedication to families, along with the availability of our Sleep experts, to answer any questions or concerns. These benefits ensure that parents can rest easy knowing their newborn is in good hands with an experienced professional.

11. Reduce the risk of SIDS

Using an overnight newborn care service can reduce the risk of SIDS by providing a safe and comfortable environment for newborns with reflux, as well as providing parents with resources and support. The caregiver is highly trained and experienced in gentle, calming techniques that help to minimize the risk of SIDS. Additionally, the caregiver is knowledgeable about newborns and provides personalized care to ensure babies are sleeping safely through the night.

12. Decrease the risk of accidental injuries

Using an overnight newborn care service helps to reduce the risk of accidental injuries to infants and preemies by providing experienced, specialized care. These specialists are specifically trained in how to safely handle and care for newborns, especially multiples. Trained professionals can provide a safe environment for babies while their parents sleep, allowing them peace of mind that their little ones are being looked after by capable hands. Using an overnight newborn care service can give parents the reassurance they need that their babies will be safe and secure throughout the night.

13. Provide a safe and nurturing environment for newborns

The benefits of using an overnight newborn care service include better sleep for parents, less stress for caregivers, and more consistent and reliable care. Parents can rest assured that their baby will receive the best possible care from experienced newborn care specialists who are available around the clock. The service is recommended by pediatricians and has a reputation for providing high-quality care.



What additional services do most overnight newborn care specialists provide?


1. Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support can include a wide range of services to help mothers and their newborns during the early days after birth. Services may include overnight and daytime assistance with c-section recovery, reflux, fussiness, and meal preparation. Our remote breastfeeding classes may also provide additional tips and tricks for parents breastfeeding.

2. Newborn sleep training

Newborn sleep training is a process that helps babies learn positive sleep associations, observing appropriate naps for age and to sleep through the night, which is essential for their development and overall health. It involves providing guidance and support to help newborns establish a good sleep routine. Overnight newborn care services can be an invaluable resource for parents who are unable to stay with their baby overnight or who need additional support in building a schedule and managing their baby’s reflux. Experienced professionals offer gentle, confident care for infants while they sleep peacefully, allowing parents the opportunity to reclaim their own sleep. Newborn sleep training for parents that wants their sleep back and impacting positive habit formation from inception is an important part of any family’s routine and can pave the way for better sleeping habits down the road.

3. Baby massage

The benefits of baby massage are numerous, providing parents with physical, emotional, and practical support. Massage can help reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns and promote relaxation. It can also provide comfort to the infant through gentle touch and caressing techniques and help them learn to rest more easily. With the assistance of a trained newborn care specialist or doula, parents may find that baby massage helps them to better understand their baby’s needs and feel connected to their little one. Massage can also be used as part of an overall postpartum care plan for both mother and baby – helping mothers recover from childbirth while learning how best to take care of their newborns. Finally, by taking some time out for themselves each day with a massage session for themselves or the baby, new moms can give themselves some much-needed rest – enabling them to carry on with their daily tasks feeling refreshed!

4. Newborn care and safety education

Newborn care and safety education are essential for an overnight newborn care specialist to provide as it ensures that parents are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to properly care for their baby. With this information, parents are able to create a safe and healthy environment where their children can thrive. An overnight newborn care specialist can also provide reassurance about any concerns or questions that may arise throughout the night, enabling both parents and child peace of mind.

5. Diapering and bathing instruction

It is important for newborn care specialists to provide diapering and bathing instructions because it helps new parents feel comfortable and confident in taking care of their baby. Diapering and bathing are essential parts of a baby’s daily routine, so it’s important that parents learn how to do them safely and correctly. Teaching new parents the proper techniques for diapering and bathing can also help prevent accidents or illness, as improper handling can lead to skin irritations or infections. With the right instruction from an experienced newborn care specialist, parents can have peace of mind knowing they are doing all they can to provide the best start in life for their child.

6. Feeding and nutrition guidance

Feeding and nutrition guidance is an important service for newborn care specialists to provide because establishing a healthy diet for babies at this young age is vital for their development. Newborn care specialists can help parents understand the importance of breastmilk or formula, how to prepare bottles, and how much food their baby needs. They can also provide advice on transitioning from breastmilk or formula to solid foods, as well as safe practices with food items such as choking hazards. In addition, they can help identify signs of allergies or intolerances and make dietary adjustments accordingly. Lastly, newborn care specialists can offer support throughout the process with meal planning and preparation suggestions.

7. Developmental guidance

Developmental guidance is a type of care that helps newborns transition smoothly from the postnatal period, as it provides them with support and guidance. It is important for newborns because it helps them develop properly and can prevent potential issues down the line. Developmental guidance is tailored to each baby’s individual needs and focuses on areas such as overnight care, daytime support, breastfeeding assistance, bottle-feeding instruction, mother-care help, and more. With this type of specialized care in place, newborns can receive the attention they need to grow healthily.

8. Postpartum support for new mothers

Postpartum support is an important element of the care and support new mothers receive during the first few weeks after childbirth. It helps them adjust to their new lifestyle and heal from any trauma or pain associated with labor and delivery. Postpartum support typically includes services such as daycare, home health assistance, counseling, mental health services, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding guidance, overnight newborn care services, outreach programs for high-risk families, and more. These services can be provided by hospitals or specialists in postpartum care. By connecting new mothers with a team of experts who are experienced in newborn care specialties such as lactation consultants or doulas and psychologist they can find the help they need to provide safe overnight newborn care for their baby while also getting rest themselves – even if it’s remotely via digital platforms like Skype or FaceTime.

9. Lactation counseling

Lactation counseling is a specialized form of care that aims to support mothers and their newborns with feeding and education. An experienced lactation counselor is qualified to provide the best possible care for newborns, as well as guidance regarding feeding and nutrition. Lactation counseling has been shown to be beneficial in helping parents feel more confident in caring for their babies, increasing the likelihood of successful breastfeeding, promoting healthy development and decreasing maternal anxiety. In addition to providing useful information about infant nutrition and development, lactation counselors can also help families locate resources for overnight newborn care services or even remote options if needed.

10. Newborn clothing advice

Overnight newborn care specialists typically advise parents to dress their newborns in loose-fitting, breathable clothing. This type of clothing will help keep the baby cool and allow for unrestricted movement, reducing their risk of overheating.

11. Postpartum depression counseling

Postpartum depression counseling is a type of support for new parents that helps them cope with any emotional and physical stress associated with having a newborn. Through this type of counseling, new parents learn how to best soothe their baby, how to properly breastfeed, gain knowledge about newborn behavior, and more. Many people also turn to doulas for additional help in taking care of everyday tasks such as dishes, laundry, and meal preparation while providing feeding support. Postpartum depression counseling is vital because it provides the resources needed for new parents to feel more confident and prepared in caring for their newborn child.

12. Infant mental health support

Infant mental health support is a form of assistance that provides parents with an understanding of their infant’s condition, as well as helps them to build and maintain a consistent schedule and develop better communication between parent and child. It is important because it helps parents find resources to make decisions that are best for the infant, while also connecting them with other families who have gone through similar experiences so they can better understand their baby’s behavior. Furthermore, it provides a space where parents can share feelings and receive support.

13. Newborn sleep coaching

Newborn sleep coaching is a service that provides new parents with information and resources to help them better understand their baby’s sleep patterns and get their babies to sleep through the night. It is important because it helps reduce the number of times babies cry, reducing stress for both parents and babies. Experienced Sleep experts can provide helpful advice and support through consultations, boot camps, developmental exercises, and more. They are knowledgeable about newborn sleep issues such as reflux and can offer gentle yet confident guidance for families seeking to reclaim healthy sleeping habits for their infants. Overnight newborn care services are available in-home from compassionate professionals who specialize in helping babies (and their parents) get a good night’s rest!


Are there any online/remote options for getting access to specialized baby-care services?


Remote Newborn Care Services

Using a remote Pediatric Sleep Consultant’s service offers many advantages, such as access to experienced professionals who specialize in newborn care and have been checked for background qualifications. These specialists can be available around the clock, offering specialized advice and support for premature babies or breastfeeding mothers. Their expertise ensures that parents receive quality care and peace of mind knowing their child is receiving the best possible support.

1. Online parenting courses

Online parenting courses are a valuable resource for parents looking for guidance and support. They provide personalized advice from experienced professionals in order to help families get the sleep they need, better manage their child’s behavior, and improve their communication skills. These courses can also be a useful tool when seeking overnight newborn care services, as well as resources such as baby boot camps.

2. Virtual baby care consultations

The advantages of virtual baby care consultations include affordability and convenience, as families can schedule a time to talk without having to leave their homes. However, virtual baby care consultations may not be able to provide the same level of personalization that is available in traditional newborn care settings. Additionally, they may not be as reliable or safe due to the implementation strategy by the primary care givers/parents.

3. Tele-nursing or telehealth services

Tele-nursing or telehealth services offer a number of benefits for parents of newborns. These services allow families to access expert care from qualified experts with experience in both daytime and overnight newborn care, providing the highest quality of care possible. This can give parents much-needed time away from their newborn, knowing that their baby is still receiving the best possible level of care. In addition, these services offer more flexible scheduling options, allowing parents to take advantage of remote options when necessary.

4. Childcare and nanny services

Childcare and nanny services offer many benefits to families, including increased flexibility and privacy, better sleep for parents and children, the opportunity to get help with various tasks such as cooking or cleaning for those who are working from home, affordability that can be managed through budgeting ahead of time, and part-time options. These services including meal preparations, pet care, housekeeping and more can provide a great solution to childcare needs while ensuring that parents still have the ability to stay productive.

5. Online parenting forums

Parents looking for specialized baby-care services can find online/remote options to suit their needs. These services include overnight support, daytime support, breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance, mother care (including help with c-section recovery), newborn care and baby education, experienced help with multiples and preemies. Overnight newborn care services are available from experienced specialists, we offer remote a concierge service for convenience. With the right information and resources at hand, parents can make an informed decision to ensure that their little one is in the best possible hands.

6. Online support groups

Those seeking access to specialized baby-care services may consider online and remote options for assistance. These services can include overnight or daytime support, breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance, mother care (including help with c-section recovery), newborn care and baby education, experienced help with multiples and preemies, support during reflux/colic/fussiness and other challenges. Online/remote options are beneficial for those with busy schedules or who work long hours. Certified lactation consultants can also provide remote breastfeeding support.

7. Online childcare resources

Individuals looking for specialized baby-care services may consider online or remote options. Such options can include in-home overnight care, daytime support, breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance, mother care (including help with c-section recovery), and newborn care and baby education. Additionally, pet care and sibling care and support are also available.

8. Remote developmental screenings

Remote developmental screenings are assessments that can help parents access specialized baby-care services. These assessments give an in-depth look into a baby’s development and behavior and allow specialists to recommend the best team member and services for a family’s specific needs. Through these screenings, parents are able to connect with experienced newborn care specialists who offer overnight support or daytime support depending on their individual needs.

9. Virtual lactation and postpartum support

The benefits of using virtual lactation and postpartum support services include the ability to access experienced help in the comfort of one’s own home, including overnight and daytime support, breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance, mother-care (including help with c-section recovery), newborn care and baby education. In addition to providing assistance with multiples and preemies as well as reflux/colic/fussiness and other challenges.

10. Online infant and toddler development classes

Families in need of specialized baby-care services can find overnight newborn care services. Our highly experienced baby-care experts who offers free consultations to determine the right fit for your needs. We provides calming, supportive care as well as helpful advice on everything from sleep to development. Our services include watching babies, feeding babies, changing diapers, and more with adorable photos of their sleeping peacefully while away. Families in need of overnight newborn care are highly recommended to contact us for our excellent services.

11. Online resources for infant massage and sleep training

Parents looking for assistance with infant massage and sleep training can find helpful resources online from our Sleep experts. Cynthia, the team lead of our Sleep experts is a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Newborn Care Expert and a Medical Doctor offers gentle and confident online resources for sleep training and infant massage, along with helpful advice and support on topics such as newborn development, and bottle-feeding and various topics. 

12. Online infant nutrition and feeding support

Parents can access specialized newborn care services, such as overnight feeding support, breastfeeding help, and education on various topics remotely. These services are provided by experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and Certified Lactation Consultants (CLCs), who are available to offer assistance and guidance on an as-needed basis. Parents in need of remote newborn lactation service can contact IBCLCs or CLCs for more information about their services.

13. Online baby sign language classes

Online baby sign language classes can provide parents and caregivers with a way to communicate with their children using sign language. These classes are typically accessed through a website, where users can learn the fundamentals of sign language in an interactive and fun environment. The classes also offer resources such as childcare and helpful advice from experienced experts 24/7. Parents can learn how to use signs along with their babies in order to better understand them while they sleep or play.

14. Remote postpartum doula services

The benefits of using a remote postpartum doula service are numerous. It can provide the mother with ease into parenthood, an assured and confident feeling, and better rest for both the mother and baby. It also offers support before and after birth, helping to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood. Additionally, it can help reduce post-birth stress, provide emotional support, and aid in breastfeeding. This type of service is especially beneficial for mothers who work or are otherwise unable to stay home with their newborns due to its ability to accommodate their particular needs while providing quality care remotely.




What are overnight newborn care services?

Overnight newborn care services are available to help parents get rest and have someone watch their baby while parents sleep. These services usually last from 7 pm to 7 am, the start time may differ due to parents preferences. The Baby Consultant recommends beginning the service when you get home from the hospital, with various agencies providing overnight newborn care which includes travel, and parenting coaching. Depending on whether you are nursing or not, these services can range from 2-7 nights in duration and provide support during the nighttime process, including coming into your home at a specific stage to provide additional support. Remote options are also available for those unable to find an experienced newborn care specialist near them.

What are the benefits of using an overnight newborn care service?

Using an overnight newborn care service can provide parents with numerous benefits. It offers 24-hour support from a professional team, allowing parents to get the rest they need while knowing their baby is in good hands. Additionally, overnight newborn care services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each family and can be booked for any number of nights required. This form of infant care allows parents to gain more knowledge on how to properly take care of their newborns and gives them peace of mind that there is always someone available to help if needed.

What are the different types of overnight newborn care services?

Overnight newborn care services are an important service for new parents, offering peace of mind and a chance to learn more about infant care. These services can be booked on a flexible schedule and are typically booked for three or more nights per week. They provide support during the nighttime process, including travel overnight and establishing a bedtime routine. Sleep & Cradle®️ is one organization that offers these services, helping to reduce stress through their experienced staff of baby providers. Overnight newborn care helps make the transition into parenthood easier and more manageable by providing reliable resources and professional insight.

What are the costs of overnight newborn care services?

Overnight newborn care services typically cost between $30 and more hourly depending on the experience and package chosen and the needs of the family. Sleep & Cradle®️ provides 24-hour care and overnight care for a minimum of 12 hours and a 4 hours downtime for Newborn Care Specialist providing 24-hours coverage. We have a minimum retainer period of 30 days for all of our Newborn Care Specialists. Our Concierge service allows ensures that the value proposition of getting your little one a tailored sleep schedule is achieved as our sleep experts works with our NCSs in your homes at no extra cost to you.Families can customize their package to fit their budget, and all families are welcome regardless of whether or not they have had a baby or passed 6 weeks post-birth.

What are the qualifications of an overnight newborn care specialist?

It is important for an overnight newborn care specialist to be trained and certified as a newborn care specialist in order to provide the best possible care for a newborn baby. Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions trains and certifies newborn care specialists and delegate these professionals to parents needing the help of an overnight newborn care specialist. The qualification will ensure that the specialist has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a safe and secure environment, as well as the ability to meet any special needs or requirements of the family. This type of specialist should also be able to recognize signs of illness or distress in infants, so they can respond quickly and appropriately.

What are the duties of an overnight newborn care specialist?

An overnight newborn care specialist is responsible for providing care and support to newborns overnight. This includes feeding, changing, and soothing the baby, as well as offering parental support. Additionally, they must be a Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist with experience in overnight newborn care. Overnight newborn care services can be scheduled for up to 12 hours each night.

What are the hours of an overnight newborn care specialist?

An overnight newborn care specialist typically offers extended hours between 7pm and 7am, for up to seven nights per week. It is recommended that parents purchase a twelve-hour minimum package of care. During these hours, the specialist will provide newborn care, information and support, such as breastfeeding, changing diapers, feeding, burping techniques and everything regarding newborn care.

What are the sleeping arrangements for an overnight newborn care specialist?

The sleeping arrangements for an overnight newborn care specialist vary depending on the services being provided. Some, newborn care specialist will stay awake throughout the night to provide needed care for the baby such as feeding, burping, and diaper changes. In some cases, they may also be available to help with breastfeeding if desired. Depending on the agreement between parents and providers, they may nap while the baby is asleep or remain fully alert through their shift. Sleep & Cradle®️ advocates for our newborn  care specialists to sleep when the babies are asleep, waking up intermittently to attend to the baby as they work extensive hours and need to be sound to assess the baby critically.

What are the feeding arrangements for an overnight newborn care specialist?

The overnight newborn care specialist is responsible for feeding, burping, changing diapers, and getting the baby back to sleep. They can also wash and sanitize feeding bottles and breast pumping utensils when used. Depending on the arrangement between the parents and the specialist, they may either feed formula or breast milk throughout the night.

What are the diaper-changing arrangements for an overnight newborn care specialist?

An overnight newborn care specialist handles diaper changes and wiping the baby appropriately. The specialist must have at least 6 years of experience working with newborns and a certification in infant CPR or first-aid to be qualified for this type of position.

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