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Baby Sleep Training Secrets Unveiled

March 13, 2024

Cynthia Unuigbe, MD

MD, Certified Pediatric Consultant

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Baby Sleep Training helps to impact positive sleep habits and healthy behavioral patterns. It helps parents understand the why, when, and how to implement evidence-based strategies to help babies learn to associate sleep and comfort with the right behaviors.

Does Baby Sleep Training Always mean Cry it Out?

Let's establish that Baby Sleep Training is not synonymous with letting your baby "Cry it Out" and causing parents distress. We realize that most parents associate Sleep Training with "Crying it Out" and are only ready to seek help when they and their baby are chronically sleep-deprived.   We assure you that the last thing we want to do is cause parents any distress while trying to resolve the challenge of chronic sleep deprivation. You do not need to get to the point where you are chronically sleep-deprived and overwhelmed to seek help from a Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

How Can a Pediatric Sleep Consultant Help?

Consulting with a Pediatric Sleep Consultant helps improve your quality of life as a parent postpartum. However, it is just an aspect of the value proposition that a Pediatric Sleep Consultant offers. Parents want the best for their newborns; what better way to achieve this than consult a Pediatric Sleep Consultant who does all the heavy lifting to help you navigate your new world effortlessly?   At Sleep & Cradle® Solutions, in our Baby Sleep Training program, we employ a holistic approach to your family's well-being, including your babies' daily activities, nursery arrangement recommendations, feeding schedules, establishing a bedtime routine, and more. In addition, we help parents learn evidence-based techniques that prevent the development of unhealthy behavioral patterns and sleep schedules for new parents, restore sleep to parents struggling with sleep deprivation and sustain these healthy sleep habits.

Is Sleep Training Right for Me?

Yes, sleep training is an invaluable investment for new parents; there are a couple of reasons why consulting a Pediatric Sleep Consultant is critical in this transition phase for the newborn and parents.
  • Postpartum is a difficult phase for parents.
  • Pediatric Sleep Consultants help you prevent the challenge of developing negative behavioral patterns before they are formed.
  • Mothers may be dealing with postpartum blues and  depression
  • Mothers are trying to recover from the physiological changes posed by pregnancy while managing their sanity and homes.
  • Parents want the best for their newborns, but all these variables can make it overwhelming for new parents.
  • We can objectively assess your family's needs and develop a customized plan to meet your sleep goals, offering Hands-on support during our Pediatric Sleep training program.
  • At Sleep & Cradle®, we will make this process painless, simply equipping you with the knowledge and tools to effortlessly navigate this journey.

How do Your develop a  Sleep Routine?

Sleep routines are achieved via consistency. At Sleep & Cradle®, we can help you develop a healthy sleep routine,  identify your sleep needs, and create a customized plan to meet your short-term and long-term baby sleep goals through education and hands-on, proactive sleep training

What are Sleep Associations?

Sleep associations are things that your baby has learned to identify with sleep. It could be an environment or activities that ease your baby to sleep. It is important to note that there are negative and positive sleep associations.

What are Negative Baby Sleep Associations?

Negative baby sleep associations refer to habits, behaviors, or environmental factors that hinder a baby's ability to establish healthy sleep habits. These negative baby sleep associations can make it difficult for a baby to fall asleep independently, stay asleep, or self-soothe alone when they wake up at night. Some negative baby sleep associations include.
  • Rocking to sleep
  • Breastfeeding or feeding to sleep.
  • Bedsharing

What are Positive Baby Sleep Associations?

Positive baby sleep associations refer to habits, behaviors, or environmental factors that promote independent and healthy sleep habits for babies. Some examples include,
  • Dedicated Sleep Space
  • Calming activities preceding naps and sleep.
  • Consistent sleep routine

When should I consider Baby Sleep Training? 

Baby Sleep training should be considered as soon as your newborn arrives home. At Sleep & Cradle®, we will help you get a bearing and direction to navigate this beautiful journey. Sleep conditioning forms the foundation for healthy sleep patterns and healthy behavioral habits for life. We advocate that new parents engage in sleep conditioning to prevent the trauma of sleep deprivation.

Who is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

Pediatric sleep consultants are trained professionals with extensive knowledge of implementing evidence-based methods to help parents and babies create healthy sleep habits. Subsequently, it improve the overall quality of life of the entire family. Baby Sleep Training and Pediatric Sleep Training are commonly used interchangeably.

When Should I Consult with a Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

Parents should also consider consulting with a pediatric sleep consultant during pregnancy to prepare them for the puerperium, work with them following the delivery of their newborn and when you feel overwhelmed. Some school of thought opines that parent engages with Pediatric sleep training at 4 months of age; we beg to differ, as we are confident that healthy sleep habits can begin from inception if implemented, ultimately preventing chronic sleep deprivation.


At Sleep & Cradle® Solutions, we provide the tools, knowledge, skills, and road map to navigate this journey as parents effortlessly.  Our Pediatric Sleep Training program is a lifelong investment that lays the foundation for positive behavioral patterns and sleep schedules while allowing parents to rest and restoring sleep to parents struggling with chronic sleep deprivation.    

Cynthia Unuigbe, MD

MD, Certified Pediatric Consultant

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