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At Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions, we believe that partnerships are an essential component of providing excellent sleep solutions to families. Our partnership program is designed to collaborate with companies and organizations that share our vision of helping parents impact positive habit formation from day one and understand the best methods to help their babies get the proper quality and quantity of sleep.

Our partnership program offers a range of benefits, including access to our team of certified Newborn Care Specialists, Pediatric Sleep Consultants, and Parenting Coaches. We provide marketing and promotional support to our partners, as well as co-branded events and webinars to reach a wider audience. Additionally, we offer preferred pricing for our partners on our services and products.

We partner with companies and organizations that share our passion for supporting families during the prenatal, postnatal, and parenting stages. This includes businesses in the healthcare industry, including pediatric clinics, birthing centers, and obstetricians. We also partner with companies in the baby and toddler industry, including baby gear manufacturers, baby clothing brands, and baby-focused retailers.

Partnering with Sleep & Cradle®️ Solutions allows you to provide added value to your clients and customers by offering access to our team of experts in newborn care and sleep training. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved, as we help families get the proper quality and quantity of sleep, and our partners benefit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Night & Day Pediatrics Miami

Dr. Eva Therapy

Miami Mom Collective

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Night & Day Pediatrics Miami

Sleep & Cradle is proud to partner with Night and Day Pediatrics, a comprehensive pediatric medical facility that offers a range of services to families in the Miami area. At Night and Day Pediatrics, they provide medical care to children of all ages with the utmost care and attention. Their services are offered in a private and comfortable environment, with an emphasis on safety, cleanliness, and minimizing the transmission of infection.

In addition to their office services, Night and Day Pediatrics also offers telemedicine, which provides easy and simple access to medical care. This service allows patients to have virtual visits with a pediatrician through a secure and private connection. For families who prefer face-to-face care, they also offer a house-call service, which allows families to receive full pediatric service at the comfort of their own home.

Their pediatric care is available 24/7 with physicians who provide accessibility and concierge attention. Their customers have raved about their experiences with Night and Day Pediatrics, with one customer praising Dr. Wladimir P. Lorentz’s distinguished and attentive service. Another customer raved about Dr. Lorentz’s excellent bedside manner and ability to put young patients at ease during their clinic visits.

At Sleep & Cradle, we believe that quality medical care is a crucial aspect of a child’s well-being, and we are excited to partner with Night and Day Pediatrics to provide our customers with access to their exceptional services.

Dr. Eva Therapy

At Sleep & Cradle, we recognize the immense importance of mental health for both parents and children, which is why we are proud to partner with Dr. Eva Therapy. Dr. Eva Benmeleh’s expertise in clinical psychology, with a specialization in the relationship between parents and children, allows her to provide unique insights and solutions to issues related to anxiety, depression, and perfectionism.

What sets Dr. Eva apart is her focus on the parent-child relationship, recognizing that the belief systems that parents hold can have a significant impact on the mental health of both the parent and child. Her approach helps parents let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace self-love, compassion, and happiness.

Dr. Eva’s services for children include managing rigid thinking, reducing tantrums and behavioral issues, improving emotional self-regulation, and dealing with anxious thoughts like test anxiety, separation anxiety, sleep issues, and social stress. In addition, IQ testing for gifted placement is available for children entering kindergarten, from age four through adolescence, in Florida within the Miami-Dade & Broward County Public Schools.

For adults, Dr. Eva provides tools and support to create clear and realistic expectations for oneself and others, erase disappointments and setbacks, set healthy boundaries, hold oneself and others accountable, cope with feelings of not being good enough, stop overthinking, trust one’s intuition, and practice self-care without guilt. Dr. Eva’s services also help individuals navigate the teeter-tottering between anxiety and depression, feel like they are getting things done, and improve communication and relationships with loved ones who may feel criticized or judged.

As an added focus, Dr. Eva provides maternal mental health services specifically tailored to mothers who feel depressed, anxious, exhausted, and fraught with self-doubt and insecurities about being a mom, including postpartum depression, anxiety, and rage.

We believe that Sleep & Cradle and Dr. Eva Therapy have a shared mission to support families in their pursuit of optimal physical and mental health, making this partnership a natural fit.

Miami Mom Collective

Miami Mom Collective is an outstanding partner for Sleep & Cradle. We understand that parenting is an adventure, and we believe that Miami Mom Collective is a great resource for families in the Miami area. Their website and social media channels offer insights on local events, family-friendly activities, travel tips, and advice on parenting and motherhood. As a website run by moms for moms, they have a unique perspective on what matters most to families in Miami. They keep moms informed and provide a supportive community that helps them navigate the challenges of parenting.

We love that Miami Mom Collective hosts various events throughout the year that allow moms to connect with each other, including Mom’s Night Out events, Play Dates, Family Fun Days, and events for new and expecting moms. These events offer a great opportunity for moms to meet and socialize, while also learning from one another and building a supportive network.

As a company that values the well-being of families, we appreciate Miami Mom Collective’s commitment to empowering women and making life in Miami just a little bit easier. They share our dedication to helping parents find balance and take care of themselves, which is why we believe our partnership can make a positive impact on the community. Together, we can make parenting in Miami more enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding.